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Emotional Social Rehabilitation

Rotary clubs in Kharkiv are co-founders of this project. We develop and integrate an individual pathway to support each child into the project.

Emotional and social adaptation and recreation.
This is one of the main areas of support for each child. The main goal of this area is to provide children with resources and use them in the process of emotional and social adaptation to counteract the traumatic effects of war and increase children’s stress resistance, distract children from the realities of war, develop creativity of thinking, increase positive attitudes and actions, success in life and integration into society.

The implementation of this area is a great opportunity for children to realize their abilities, get involved in the learning process, have a good rest, and meet new friends. This is realized thanks to a new creative approach implemented by the best specialists, animators, and teachers in emotional and social adaptation and recreation. Recognizing the need for emotional and social adaptation, we organize and implement the following leisure and recreation activities for children aged 4 to 16:


Conducting physical and mental games: bowling, air hockey, climbing wall, roller rink, amusement rides, trampolines, visiting cinemas, theaters, special events for learning new professions and hobbies, such as “France”, quests, master classes, excursions, and many other activities.

Recreation and health improvement for children

Children’s educational camps and sanatoriums, both in Ukraine and abroad.
Meetings with idols and prominent people of our country and the world, singers, athletes, etc. Organizing and holding sports, cultural and artistic events.
Support for talented children Funding for hobby groups.

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