Akademika Pavlova St, 44-b, Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, 61000


“True Help” Charitable Foundation

Україна, 61057, Харківська обл., місто Харків, Музичний В'їзд, будинок 6


The mission of the charity foundation “True Help” is to help those who need our help, including socially vulnerable population groups, children, youth, people with disabilities, veterans and others. “True Help” strives to change social realities and offer solutions that enable people to change their lives for the better. The team works on the development of programs and projects aimed at improving people’s living conditions, ensuring their rights and freedoms.

“True Help” seeks to create a culture of charity and interaction between people, help attract resources and funds for the implementation of projects and programs to support socially vulnerable population groups, strive to promote the spread of a culture of charity and interaction between people, which contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of every person in Ukraine.