Akademika Pavlova St, 44-b, Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, 61000


Francylvania- country of professions and hobbies

Адреса: вул. Академіка Павлова, 44-Б, ТРЦ "Французький бульвар", біля льодової ковзанки "Шато-Ледо"


“Fransylvania” is a children’s country with all adult attributes – laws, government, currency. And, as in a real country, guests are met at the border control and at the passport desk. To cross the country’s border, you need to become a citizen and issue a passport. And then you can master a profession, start earning and even build a career.

Here, children get to know various professional fields. This will help to reveal the child’s talents and hidden abilities, which will make it possible to decide on a future specialty after finishing school.

Once at “Fransylvania”, children learn the basics of economics – earn money, count it, spend it sparingly and value what they have earned through their hard work. The salary is issued in the currency of the country – Luidors after mastering the profession and completing training. You can dispose of the earnings at your own discretion – spend the earnings at entertainment locations, or buy souvenirs, pay for new master classes.